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    Valentine’s Day came three days after the FiendBot thing. It was much warmer than usual in Bygone. It was almost weird, but I was happy it was warmer. Well, a little happy….

Tails found himself at the flower shop, buying a small bouquet of red roses. He traded his money for the bouquet.

“Hope you have a great day, Tails.” The cashier said to him.

“Thank you. You too.” Tails replied, and he walked away.

When he got to the door of a house, he brushed off some dust from his shoulders, and he knocked. In response, the door opened, and Zooey was behind it.

“Oh, hello, Tails.” Zooey smiled. “What’re you doing here?”

“I'm here to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day, Zooey.” He handed out the bouquet of roses.

Zooey gasped softly. “Why thank you, Tails. Such beautiful roses!” She was happy as she took the roses. “I have a nice vase to put them in. Please, come in.”

Tails walked into her house.

As for Sonic, he was at Meh Burger, having a chilidog for lunch, like often. Amy came in and just sat with him.

“Oh, hey Amy.” Sonic said, caught off guard at first.

“Hey, Sonic.” She said naturally.

“So….um…” Sonic said almost shyly. “...You got plans today?”

“No, why?”

“Well, I've been wondering if we could spend time together. Y'know….just you and me? Maybe we can….go to the beach?” Sonic said, nervous but fighting his fear.

Amy was surprised by this. “R-Really?” She blushed.

“Yeah, what else could we do on a day like this?” Sonic shrugged.

Amy smiled shyly. “That sounds….great.”

Sonic smiled, happy with the result. “Then it's planned. How about after this lunch, here?” Sonic said, offering a second chilidog to Amy.

She took it. “Thank you, Sonic.”

“No prob, Ames.” Sonic said, feeling more thrilled than ever before deep down inside.

As for me, I was at the house alone, just sitting there. I had my purple bracelet on today, and I was wearing the same red horseback riding shirt. The window behind me was open, and the gentle breeze let itself in. I felt deeply saddened, knowing what kind of day today really was. What I was holding in my hand turned out to be a little heart shaped card, red in color, and it had sloppy but readable writing on it. The front had my name on it. I opened it.

Dearest Emily, I hope you have a happy Valentine's Day with me by your side. I'll never forget the love and passion we've shared. I love you more than life itself, babe. I'll see you tonight. Love, Nick

I saw tear drops fall onto the card, smearing a little with the ink of the writing. I just let the sadness rush in. That's when I just put the card in front of me on the footstool, and I just leaned right back against the couch. And I just cried. I hadn't felt pain in several weeks. It almost felt good to feel pain again. Almost.

Tails and Zooey were just watching a movie as they had popcorn and chocolate milk. Zooey was resting against Tails, and they had their arms around each other. Both were happy with each other's company. Tails kissed Zooey's cheek, causing her to giggle and blush a little. They both then kissed each other sweetly on the lips.

After parting, Tails’ communicator then began to ring, catching his attention. Upon looking, he saw my name on the screen.

“Oh, it's Emily.” Tails told Zooey, and he answered. “Emily? Is something wrong?”

I was on my communicator, trying to talk, but I was crying at the same time.

“T-Tails….S-sorry...But I can't help but…. I'm just….” I was trying to say, but my crying prevented me.

That caught Tails immediately. He knew. “Oh my, Emily...Don't worry.  Zooey and I are on our way. Hang tight.” He hung up, and he got up.

“What's wrong, Tails?” Zooey asked.

“It's Emily. She's in a bad state right now.” Tails replied.

“What do you--!” Zooey was about to ask, but then then caught herself. “Oh….”

Both then went right out the door, turning off the TV.

As for myself, going back, I was just crying softly as my communicator was now off the conversation. I guess I just wanted to let out the pain and suffering I don't think I'll ever stop feeling. More memories had come in. I remember the moment I had first met Nick, both of us aged five. I remember the first time we held hands, aged six. I remember discovering his feelings toward me in the sixth grade. I most definitely remember when we started dating just after graduating eighth grade. Throughout freshman year, our romantic relationship was in full swing, with us going to football games, just walking through the halls, holding hands, and me trying to outrun all that from pure shyness. Sometimes, it's funny, but other times, I regret that.

I suddenly heard the door swing open, and both Tails and Zooey let themselves in.

“Emily?” Tails spoke up, catching my attention.

I looked, and I had tears rolling down my face. My throat was almost hurting. Something in me says my eyes were a little pink, even.

Both foxes walked over to me and sat at opposite sides of me on the couch.

“Are you okay?” Tails asked me.

“N-N-No….not….really….” I replied, trying to pull myself together.

“Oh, Emily….” Zooey gently rubbed my shoulder with her soft hand.

“S-Sorry….I know I interrupted your date, and--!”

“No need to worry. We both know that when you need me, I'll come running. And so will Zooey, it looks like.” Tails interrupted me.

“I just don't wanna be rude….”

“Don't worry so much. I know you actually haven't felt this kind of pain in a while. And actually….it’s okay.”


“Of course, Emily.” Tails told me as he came closer. “You see, I know for a fact in your world's society, all they seem to want you to do is smile and be happy. But how can people feel joy when there's no sadness to feel? In your word's society, it seems you hardly have any….. freedom. No freedom to feel sad when you grief, stress, or just flat out sadness. They're all completely natural in being a human. Your society may not understand. But in this world's reality, you have complete emotional freedom. When you feel you must, just cry. Do what's healthiest to let out emotional stress. And in this case, you just can cry your heart out. I'm here for you.” He placed his hand on my cheek as he said this.

I looked deep into his eyes. They were glittery sky blue. And he gave me a small but convincing smile, even though I could see the pain in his eyes. We both knew well that he hated seeing me like this. That's when I just hugged him as closely yet comfortably as I could. He hugged me back naturally. Zooey joined in as a third.

A little bit later, Tails and I found ourselves remaining in our house, and we were watching TV. Just some cartoons. Zooey had left to spend time with friends for the remainder of the day.

“Sorry, Tails.” I just said.

“Don't worry about it, Emily. You have more emotional freedom here. So I don't mind. Besides, I've known you for years. Even though it pains me to see you in the state you were in, I know it's only right when your other choice would be maybe just hiding those feelings.” Tails said to me.

“Yeah…..And you know how that latter went.”

Tails held my hand. “Emily?”

I looked at him. “Yeah?”

“I’m sorry days like this are hard on you.”

“No need to be. It wasn't you crying all the time throughout the years.”

“I missed you terribly between the times we parted in Lockport after London and when you first came to Bygone. In Sochi….” His ears bent down.

“What's wrong?” I put my hand on his shoulder.

“Well….in Sochi, I missed you so terribly, I felt a lot of the same depression I felt just after I lost Cosmo. I had missed you so badly…something in me thought you weren't ever going to come back to me. It scared me….” I heard his voice break some more. “....To think that….I wasn't ever gonna see you again. Day after day, I at least waited for communication from you, but you never called. I didn't know what you were up to….”

“I remember in 2014…..Valentine's Day. I don't remember if it was around the time I saw that hockey incident, but I remember for sure, I saw nothing but couples, roses, and Prom dates all around me, and I was all alone. Everyone knew what had happened to me. But some….some people made fun of me because Nick is dead. I just cried the whole day through, nonstop. My teachers just let me go around the halls, and we all knew there was nowhere for me to go. That and the hockey incident gave me beginnings of being suicidal….” I told him.

“I remember that day, even though I wish I could forget. But throughout the days in Sochi, as well as moving into Bygone, I couldn't stand not knowing what was going on….after Skype failed on both of us.”

“Yeah…..” I agreed.

“And I remember….learning on Skype that you were going to kill yourself….the word I tried to send to you that I’m alright didn’t seem to come through. Something in me was convinced….that I was going to lose you….” He felt tears form and quickly stream down his white furry cheeks. “I-I thought you were gonna make the biggest mistake anyone can make….and that’s taking his or her own life….B-But I called the police when I did….because I felt I had to protect you no matter what….and since, I just waited for the word that you were alright….But I never did…..I didn’t know where you were….I didn’t even know if you were alive at the moment….B-But….something in me made me decide….that I would only wait for you…..even if it took the rest of my very existence to just see you one more time…..N-N-Now you’ve been here for two and a half years….” He was beginning to cry. “I-I was too happy to speak much when I saw you come in my door! I don’t care what happens to me anymore! I haven’t cared for years! I chose to live through those lonely days only for you! While most of me believed you were gone, I somehow felt that you weren't!”

That made me smile and put my arm around him, pulling him in closer.

“Aw, Tails….”

He quickly looked up at me. “Don't you ever leave me alone again, Emily Ann!” He cried.

I handed one of the roses Tails gave me right back to him as tears streamed down both our faces at this point. We looked into each other's eyes.

“I never will, Tails. Never again. I hate to see you suffer like this….” I told him. “And y’know, I don't think I ever loved anyone more than I love you. I'm sorry you had to suffer through those days. I suffered too. But y'know what? We….we made it through.”

That made Tails begin to smile.

“And our prayers were answered.” I finished.

Tails came closer, and he put both of his hands on my cheeks. Tears kept streaming from both of us.

“And here you are….where you belong….” He added.

I then placed both of my hands on his cheeks. “I love you….”

“I love you too, Emily…”

We then leaned in closer, and our arms naturally wrapped around each other, letting body heat spread inside both of us. Tails’ tails wrapped around me as well. We felt increasingly joyous just to have each other's company.

Next thing I knew, we were at the beach. The sun was beginning to set, but we still felt we were only getting started with our day.

“I don't think we've gone swimming in forever.” Tails said.

“I agree. And I think I know where this is going.” I added.

“Wanna go swimming?” He asked.

“I thought you'd never ask.” I smiled, and I stood up, kicking my boots off. I then started walking into the water. Tails followed, holding my bad right hand. I squeezed naturally.

As soon as we got far enough from shore, I felt myself shiver.

“Whew! It's cold!” I shivered as the chills went up my spine.

“You okay?” Tails asked me.

“I'm fine, Tails. It's just cold, I guess with it being the beginning of the year.” I replied.

Tails came closer to me. “I can help keep you warm.”

“Are you sure? You're wet, too.” I wasn't sure where he was going with this.

Tails just came closer to me and wrapped his arms around me. I was surprised at first, but I then wrapped my own arms around him, holding him closer. I felt warmer by the second. We swirled around a little, still hugging each other. The portion of my long brown hair and both of his tails flowed with the movements from under the water.

We looked at each other again. We saw each other's eyes glitter with the setting sun and sparkles on the water all around us. I don't think I had ever seen Tails’ eyes glow as beautifully as they were right now. Loving the mere sight, I smiled at him. I gently put my bad right hand on his cheek, gently rubbing it. That caused his eyes to glassify and quickly form tears of joy. I think he was just really happy with my presence and that he was able to make this Valentine's Day easier for me to endure. He gently put his right hand on my own cheek. I leaned my head closer to his. I felt little wet droplets roll down my own cheeks as this happened.

“I love you….and a Happy Valentine's Day to you, Tails…..” I whispered.

“Same to you, big sister. And….I love you too….” Tails replied, also in an emotional whisper.

Our foreheads gently touched each other. My hand gently rubbed his cheek as his hand did the same to my cheek. The tears got warmer as they continuously streamed down our faces. We slowly swirled around in the water, and we just held each other. We looked at each other once more. Our eyes kept glittering. We then put our arms around each other once more, and we felt even warmer in each other's arms.

Next thing I knew, we went underwater. Gold aura hadn't formed around us yet. My hair flowed around almost freely as we just kept holding each other closely. I held Tails so closely, our cheeks made contact with each other. I was feeling true love for the first time since the multi-Tails thing. This somehow made all the pain go away. As we held each other, I didn't feel tense at all, with me being much better at holding my breath for the most part. But I felt Tails’ hands tug on my shirt a little, and I heard his air bubbles continue to escape and rush up to the surface boundary.

I made my hands begin to glow gold, with the aura eventually spreading over my and Tails’ bodies. That enabled us to breathe, and I heard Tails gasp for air.

Tails looked up at me. “Thanks….” He was catching his breath.

“Thank you for making this day easier.” I told him, smiling.

“I feel bad I left you alone earlier today. I should've known better. It may not be nearly as hard as it once was, but it could be hard on some days.” Tails said to me.

“While that rings true, I always know I can just call you and tell you that I need you home. I trust you like that.”

“I'm glad you trust me, Emily.” He smiled at me.

I smiled back at him. “I'm lucky to have a great little brother like you.”

“And I'm lucky to have you as my sister.”

I just hugged him again, passionately kissing his cheek. He did the same to me.

Next thing I knew, we just chose to have endless fun under the sea. We raced from one place to another, played hide and seek with my sensing powers helping me out, looked around for rare treasures and shells all over the place, always something to do under the sea. And as anyone who would know me well enough, that's one of my ultimate favorite places to be.

Tails made this Valentine's Day much easier for me to bear and accept.
Emily Boom: Chapter 74: Valentine's Day in Bygone
This is my late Valentine's Day gift to you guys!! Enjoy!
    Five days went by.

    I decided I would come up in another new outfit. Just a purple long sleeve t-shirt, loose and almost as long as a short dress, and blue jeans. Sports tape was around my hands. The purple ring remained on the ring finger of my right hand. My hair had gotten back to how it always was similarly. Some hair strands were in my face, but I didn’t mind. I also had a communicator on my left wrist. It was shaped like a fish, purple in color. My jeans were skinny but not quite skin tight. And I had actually moved onto comfortable boots, just like in the way beginning. I’m not sure if you remember.

    Back to today’s story, it all started when I came into my and Tails’ house from the clothing store in my new outfit. Who I saw inside was the others, except Sticks. Sticks wasn’t seen all day.

    “Hey, Em.” Knuckles greeted. “You look….new.”

    “Thanks.” I smiled. “It’s a new outfit. I quickly got sick of the vests and gym shoes.”

    “Lookin’ good, Em.” Amy praised.

    “Again, thanks.” I replied. “What’s with all this?”

    “We’re having a gaming day, silly.” Tails giggled. “C’mon and take a seat.”

    I did, sitting next to him. “You alright?”

    “I’m fine. Are you okay?” Tails asked me.

    “Better than before, thank you.” I quickly kissed his cheek.

    Tails giggled in response. “Aw, Emily…”

    I put my arms around him, pulling him in closer. He hugged me back naturally.

    Sonic then came inside the house in a huge hurry. He was most definitely excited like I would be.

“Look what I found at the flea market!” Sonic almost squeaked as he then held up an old Nintendo 64 game cartridge. What we saw was a lot of childish colors, almost like Banjo Kazooie. There was a purple hippo character on the picture as well.

“Dude!” Knuckles got excited. “Is that Tomato-Pottamus 2?!”

“That's the best one in the whole series. Tomato-Pottamus never worked in 3D.” Tails added.

“Game companies always ruin their beloved franchises.” Knuckles added.

“Uh…..” I got the unintended reference, but I was confused about the rest.

“And they never should've changed the color of Tomato-Pottamus’ legs.” Sonic added to what Knuckles said.

I only facepalmed this time.

“We used to play that all the time.” Amy added. “Why did we ever stop?”

“The game was programmed with a microchip made from sparcium. A rare alloid that proved more valuable than the cartridge itself. All existing copies were recalled and melted down years ago.” Tails explained.

“Really? I didn't know about that game. Uh….what’s it called?” I asked.

“Tomato-Pottamus 2, Emster.” Sonic replied. “And lucky for all of us, they didn't get this copy.” He then got to the video game system and placed the cartridge inside the slot. “Wanna play? I'll let ya be player 1.”

“I dunno….” I wasn't sure.

“C'mon, it'll be fun!” Amy encouraged.

“Alright. I'll try.” I then insisted after some consideration.

“Awesome! Then you're player one!” Sonic gave me the first controller and plugged it into the controller slot.

Next thing I knew, I found us all playing the game. I quickly caught on with the controls and most of the moves. We were firing tomatoes and balls of tomato paste or ketchup at each other. I was the purple hippo. Sonic's was blue. Tails’ was yellow. Amy's was pink. Knuckles’ was red.

“Eat ketchup, Sonic!” Tails teased. Sonic's character kept dodging, though.

“Must I remind you that I'm the champion of Tomato-Pottamus?” Sonic bragged.

“Maybe you should now put the tomato where your mouth is.” Knuckles smiled.

“The heck’s that supposed to mean?” I got confused.

“Don't even worry about it.” Amy replied.

“Anyone beat me, chilidogs from Meh Burger are on me.” Sonic betted.

Time passed, and we were all still playing. Amy and Tails had one life left. Knuckles had two. Sonic and I had all three lives.

“C'mon, c'mon, c'mon!” Tails was beginning to get frustrated. But when Sonic blasted a tomato at him, Tails’ character got hit. It was now out of the game. He groaned with anger.

“And you all though Emily or I would be out first, huh?” Amy teased. “Stereotypes these days.”

I then blasted a tomato at her character, thus knocking her right out of the game.

“Never mind….” Amy's ears bent down.

“No no no!” Knuckles panicked as his lives began to drain from getting hit by the skilled Sonic. He was out.

“NOO!!” Knuckles overreacted.

“You sweating yet, Emster?” Sonic smiled.

I didn't respond. I was too focused.

“Oh, she means business now. She's far too focused.” Tails said.

I think a good two hours passed by, as Eggman was working in his lair, Sonic and I had made it to Level 27. No one had ever made it this far before.

“I don't think I've ever seen this before.” Amy was surprised.

“Beginner's luck on Em's part.” Knuckles commented.

As we transitioned into Level 27, it was taken underwater. Underwater is my friend but Sonic's enemy. Even now.

Sonic began to panic from his fear. “N-No!” He knew well he had one life left. I had two.

I struck him one last time, thus making me win the game in my first time playing.

“Stupid water!” Sonic almost whined.

“What just happened?” I couldn't catch on. “Do I keep going?”

“No, Emily. You won.” Tails answered me.

I caught on, and I jumped right out of my seat, dancing and jumping excitedly.

“YES! I DID IT!” I cheered.

Sonic sighed. “Alright, Emster. What do you want on your chilidog? The usual?”

“Yes please!” I replied, and I ran around the house some more, excited and ecstatic.

“Alright, Em. I'll be back, guys.” Sonic got out of his seat and then sped off, taking me with.

As we were walking through the village to Meh Burger, we just talked.

“So, Emster, you feeling alright?” Sonic asked me.

“I'm fine. What do you mean?” I asked.

“Tails told me about what happened the other day, with the mech suit and all.”

“Oh….well, I screwed up. I'll say that much. And I know I do it a lot.”

“Ain't that the truth, no offense.”

“None taken. Are you alright?” I then asked.

“Sorta. I just don't know what to do for Valentine's day, it being only a few days away.”

“Really? Who do you think you wanna spend the day with?”

“Um….well…..Amy.” He replied shyly.

“Really?” I almost got excited deep down inside.

“Yeah….but I dunno what to do about it.”

“Maybe you two can just go to the beach or the forest and spend some time together. Sometimes, the simplest things can be the best things to do with a special friend.” I said. “That's what Nick and I used to do, like just going to football games, hanging out at lunch together, and texting each other.”

“Really? I thought you were always scared.”

“I was, but I pushed myself to be with him, despite my shyness. At least for the most part.”

“Thanks for telling me, Emster.”

“Not an issue. Now, let's get some lunch. I'll even help you pay if you need the help.”

“Really? I said chilidogs are on me.”

“Who cares about the bet?” I put my arm around him.

Sonic smiled. “You're just straight up cool.”

And we arrived at Meh Burger, ordering six chilidogs, with one having extra cheese (I love the cheese!).

After Dave handed us the bags….

“Oh Sonic!” We heard Eggman call out. “I have an extremely unpleasant surprise for you!”

Sonic groaned. “Aw man. C'mon, Em.” He then took me with to get to where Eggman was. When we got to the spot just outside town square, we saw Eggman in his EggMobile.

The robot with him was probably ten times my height, with a fin on its head. The eyes were robotic blue, and it had cannons on the wrists, shoulders, and chest. I'll admit, I was almost intimidated.

“Sonic, Emily, meet FiendBot! A robot I built all by myself to know everything there is to know about you and use it against you!” Eggman gloated.

“Alright. Tell him I look forward to seeing him in the junkyard in the near--!” Sonic teased, but FiendBot fired lasers at both of us, making us fall onto the ground.

“Just before a fight, Sonic always mentions a tease to Dr. Eggman, allowing time for target to attack.” FiendBot said in a robotic voice.

Sonic got up and helped me. “You really do know me. But how about you meet my spindash?!” He then sped right to FiendBot.

But FiendBot blocked him off. “72% of the time, Sonic's spin dashes come at 8 degrees to the right.”

“Dude, he's right.” I said quietly. I then made gold aura form around me and quickly formed my angel wings. “How'd you handle my magic?” I then charged right at FiendBot.

FiendBot swatted me away, making me hit a tree and then fall onto my stomach.

“Emily's magic lunches are always perfectly straight to the enemy.” FiendBot said.

I was trying to get up, but much to my unawareness, the tree I hit was falling right down to me.

Sonic saw me. “EMILY!” He then sped right to me and picked me up. Then the tree fell down, missing both me and Sonic.

FiendBot watched this happen, and this programmed a new outlook into him.

“You okay, sis?” Sonic asked me.

“I'm alright. I think I just got a new chink in my back now.” I replied.

FiendBot’s outlook completely changed then.

Eggman, noticing the delay, came next to FiendBot in his EggMobile, impatient.

“What're you waiting for?! Finish them off!” Eggman commanded.

“New data analysis complete. Sonic, Emily, not enemies. Sonic, Emily….friends.” FiendBot then said, confirming himself.

“Good one, FiendBot.” Eggman knew then he screwed up. “Looks like I accidentally programed you with my trademark Sonic Wit. Good for a party, but….not ideal for battle.”

FiendBot fired a missile at Eggman.

Eggman dodged. “This isn't funny, FiendBot. I can't believe you're turning against me! Especially after I went through all the trouble just to build you, despite the trademark Sonic Wit!”

FiendBot then fired a missile at him, launching him into the sky.

Sonic and I then picked the chilidogs back up in our hands as FiendBot just stood there, looking at us both. Noticing, we both looked at FiendBot.

“Well…..Thanks for saving us both from….you, I guess.” Sonic wasn't sure how to put it. “See ya around.” Sonic then turned and walked away. I walked beside him.

We were walking, but behind us, we heard loud movements, especially the footsteps. We turned around again, and there was FiendBot, standing right behind us, by a good few feet. When we saw FiendBot again, his eyes glowed a more gentle blue, with a pleasing look into them.

“Look, you can't follow either of us. Our friends don't like it when I bring home giant destructive robots.” Sonic then said, and he sped off, taking the chilidogs with. He left me behind.

I looked up at FiendBot again. And he looked right into my own eyes.

FiendBot knelt down to me. “Emily, friend.”

“Yeah, my name's Emily.” I said to him. “Why are you following me and Sonic?”

“Emily, Sonic, friends.” FiendBot answered me.

“Friends?” I was confused. “I thought you tried to destroy me and Sonic.”

“Mistake on self’s part. Sorry for inconvenience.” He replied.

“It's alright.” I told him.

“Thank you.”

“You're welcome.” I said aloud.

“Maybe something Sonic did for me made his outlook and programming change. Maybe it was our brave acts and such that triggered the change. Maybe….FiendBot has--! Or….FriendBot, has changed….”

Sonic got back to my and Tails’ house, having all the chilidogs with him.

“Alright, I got all the chilidogs.” Sonic announced. He then tossed a bag to each of the others.

Amy caught hers. “Sonic, wasn't Emily with you?”

“Yeah, why?” Sonic didn't catch on.

“Where is she?” Amy asked.

Sonic then looked around, realizing I wasn't with him. “She was right beside me…”

“Did something distract her?” Tails asked.

“Well, there's this one thing I think distracted her….” Sonic then told them about FiendBot.

Back to me and FriendBot, in the village square….

“So, your full name is Emily Ann Lancman?” FriendBot asked me.

“Yes. I always used to think I wasn't named after anyone, but I just recently learned that I had a great grandmother named Ann.” I replied. “I wonder why I was only told that then and not years ago.” I chuckled a little.

“Information analysis complete.” FriendBot confirmed. He then knelt down and held his big hand out. I stepped onto the hand, and FriendBot lifted me upwards to his eye shot.

We looked into each other's eyes.

“Friends?” FriendBot then asked me.

I smiled. “Yes. Friends, FriendBot.”

“EMILY!” I then suddenly heard Tails from a distance as he and the others came running.

“It's an Eggman robot, and it's got Emily!” Amy then pulled out her Piko hammer. “Let's smash it into scrap metal!”

“No, no need, guys. He won't hurt us.” I told them as FriendBot still let me stand on his hand.

“Emily, are you joking?!” Tails didn't like this at all. “It's clearly an Eggman robot! It's just using you! It's clearly created by Eggman, for cryin’ out loud!”

“I know, but I could see that he somehow changed in the moment he confronted me and Sonic. If he was to do harm, he'd probably be squeezing me to death like a boa constrictor.” I told him.

“Emily, I care for your safety, and this is just crazy now. Now get down from there!” Tails argued.

“Tails, enemy!” FriendBot prepared a missile on his shoulder.

“Wait wait wait! No, it's okay. Tails is my little brother. My best friend. We're all friends here.” I told FriendBot.

He stood down, setting the missile away.

I looked back down at Tails from the height of about fifteen feet. “FriendBot could've destroyed me right now, but he's not. I don't even think he'd do such a thing from what he saw Sonic do. C'mon, give him a chance. Please?”

“Well….” Tails thought about it.

“C'mon, bro.” Sonic told him. “She's right y'know. If he was dangerous, she'd be hurt right now. If not that, she'd just know. And you know that about her. You know her better than anyone else.”

Tails looked at me again. Then FriendBot. He then smiled.

“Hi, Fiend--! I mean...FriendBot. I'm Miles Prower, but I go by Tails. Can we be friends?” He then introduced after some thought.

FriendBot then brought his hand down, letting Tails step on. Tails stood next to me as we were both lifted back up.

“Friends.” FriendBot insisted.

“It's nice to meet you.” Tails then said to FriendBot. He looked at me. “I'm sorry.”

“It's okay. I understand from the habit of kicking the butts of every Eggman robot we've bumped into, except those other Cubots.” I told him.

“Are you two….brother and sister?” FriendBot asked.

“How'd you know that?” Tails asked.

“Eggman's programming into my AI.” FriendBot replied.

“I see….” Tails seemed to understand.

“It seems like he was supposed to know everything about us, including weaknesses, but apparently, it didn't go as Eggman wanted. And I'm glad.” I then said after some thought.

“Correct.” FriendBot confirmed.

Back to Eggman's lair….

“My error was making FiendBot feel more emotions. That's a mistake I'm not making again.” Eggman proclaimed as he finished his newest weapon. “That's why I created this!”

What was shown was this tank, designed a little like FriendBot, especially with the color schemes, but it had no AI or anything like that. Just a powerful gun.

“Hey, good lookin’!” Cubot was attracted. “Welcome to the team!”

“This energy blaster is programmed with all the same Sonic Team intel as FiendBot, but with none of the brainpower.” Eggman claimed.

“I understand.” Cubot commented, then gently rubbed the tank. “We'll talk later, hot stuff.” He then let out a sexy cat noise. OH HELL NOOOOOOO!!! DX Sorry, couldn't resist.

Next thing I knew, FriendBot had joined us, playing volleyball, getting back to Tomato-Pottamus 2, and that same night, dancing on the beach. With some mishaps, it was all a lot of fun. And FriendBot and we were also talking a lot about our pasts, how we all met, the times in London and Rio, and we were just enjoying it all. I forgot how great it felt to make a new friend closer to me, but FriendBot was there to remind me.

The next afternoon, we found ourselves walking to Meh Burger, with FriendBot behind us.

“Does he really have to come with us to Meh Burger? He doesn't even eat food.” Knuckles complained.

“C'mon, Knux. Nothing wrong with the company, right?” Sonic shrugged.

Rumbling made the ground shake. We all looked, and all of Eggman's robots, including Obliterator Bot and the Mega, came as Eggman was in his EggMobile.

“Did ya miss me?” Eggman evilly smiled.

“We didn't miss you. You never even go away.” Sonic replied.

“Rekt!” I yelped.

We all got into our fighting stances, and we charged to fight. FriendBot too. We all used our abilities like usual to fight against the robots.

As for FriendBot, he charged at the Mega, and both got into a fist fight. After a few good face blows to Mega, FriendBot pounded Mega down to the ground and then shot the face with missiles on his shoulder.

“Fatality.” He said in his almost monotone robot voice.

We all cheered, and I was laughing and cheering at the same time.

“That reference is my thing!” I laughed.

“I'm pretty sure it's Mortal Kombat’s thing.” Sonic said. Yeah, I know I've made that reference too much.

FriendBot then ran over to where Obliterator Bot was, picking me up in his hand.

“Whoa! What're you doing?” I was caught off guard.

“Take Obliterator down.” FriendBot said to me.

“Oh, I see. Say, now that you mentioned it, you mind if you gimme a boost?” I caught on.

He then threw me as gold aura formed around me. I sped right to Obliterator Bot as my angel wings came out.

“Woohoo!!” I cheered, and I used my magic to rip an arm off Obliterator Bot.

FriendBot came and grabbed the handheld weapon from Obliterator Bot, ripping the other arm off.

I came back to FriendBot. “Ready for the last blow?”

“Ready for action.” FriendBot replied.

I then made my hands glow even brighter. I then charged as FriensBot threw a final punch. We both hit Obliterator Bot at the same time, knocking the bot down.

Eggman, watching all this happen, was unhappy.

“Time to bring out the big guns. Or….gun.” Eggman said, signaling the tank he had made the previous day to come.

I came down to the ground, and the tank then started firing lasers at myself and Sonic. We both used our almost unnatural speed to run away, but we ended up boxed in a corner.

We were both scared, knowing there was no place left to go.

Tails saw this. “EMILY! NOOOO!!” He screamed, helpless once more like in the underwater fight.

The tank then fired a hugely powerful laser. The shocking thing is…..FriendBot, acting fast, came and shielded both me and Sonic. The laser then got FriendBot’s abdomen area. It all happened so fast….

“F-Friends….” FriendBot managed to say his last words, and then powered down. A robot’s death.

“He saved Sonic and Emily!” Amy was shocked at this.

“Oh my gosh….” Tails couldn't believe what just happened.

I couldn't catch on fast enough. Autism….

“FriendBot?” I looked up toward the face of FriendBot.  He didn't respond.

I then climbed up and stood on FriendBot's metal chest. There were no blue lights on. He was completely still. I looked for a solid few seconds, kneeling down.

“Oh no….” Sonic caught on immediately.

I caught on too. “F-FriendBot….you….you….” Emotions rushed in like a flash flood. I then came and placed my bad right hand on his big metal chest. “N-No, FriendBot! You can't! You can't do this to me!” Tears rushed out of my eyes immediately as I began to cry.

“Emily….” Amy felt terrible.

I cried a little, unable to control the immediate emotions. I then hunched over, with my hands in front of my knees. Some tears fell onto my hand and the metal. I then suddenly stopped. When I opened my eyes, anger fueled into me at the speed of light. My eyes were red once they opened. I then slowly stood up.

“Uh oh….” Sonic's ears bent down a little. “She's mad….”

I felt Eggman has crossed the line. At least…..For the first time since the underwater fight thing in a way. I, for one, was almost blindly angered.

Knuckles then took charge and punched the ground, making a red wave. That threw the tank to Amy. Amy then hit it with her hammer, smashing it upon impact. I charged and pounded Eggman out of sight.

Next thing I knew, we all found ourselves in my and Tails’ house, waiting. Sonic was pacing around the floor as I was leaning against Amy, in silent tears. I felt the pain I had felt years before, clear back in London, worrying for Nick….. Tails was working on FriendBot, attempting to fix him.

I don't know how much time passed by, but when it did, we watched Tails walk in, and he looked a little sad. We all looked at him as Sonic stopped pacing, and I stood up swiftly.

“Give it straight, Tails.” Sonic told him. “How bad is it?”

“FriendBot's AI processor was destroyed in the blast. I'd replace it, but Eggman made it out of sparcium. I know where we can get some, but you're not gonna like it.” Tails answered.

I looked toward the Tomato-Pottamus 2 video game. I went and took it out of the console.

“Whatever it takes….” I said, wiping my tears. “Do it.”

Tails took the cartridge from my hand gently. “You come with, Emily.” He held my hand with his open one.

A while later, the cartridge was destroyed, with the sparcium replaced into FriendBot's AI processor. The wires were connected and everything.

“Alright….here goes nothing. Together?” Tails looked up at me.

“Together.” I replied, and we both pressed the blue button together.

Seconds later, FriendBot's blue eyes flashed on, and he sat up.

“System reboot complete. Friends acknowledged.” FriendBot said.

We all cheered with joy.

“Y'know, FriendBot won't fit in any of our houses. Where are we supposed to keep him?” Sonic then wondered.

I thought about it.

A timeskip later, everyone else and I found ourselves walking with FriendBot through the forest.

“You can just stay around here, where you'll have plenty of space to look and roam around. And when we ever need you, we can contact you on your new communicator.” I told FriendBot as I pointed to his blue triangle communicator.

“Emily's voice 100% reassuring and sweet. Trust activated.” FriendBot said. That made me smile.

When we reached a remote part of the canyons, we found the prototype Cubots there.

“Here are a few other former Eggman robots. They'll need someone like you to defend them and watch over them.” Amy said.

“Responsibility acknowledged. Proceeding with farewell hug.” FriendBot said, and he knelt down. We let him scoop all of us up into a gentle hug. We hugged him back.

FriendBot set us down.

“See ya later, FriendBot.” I said, smiling.

FriendBot then gently pushed myself and Tails closer. Tails and I looked at each other. Then FriendBot.

“No letting go. You need each other more than anything the world can create.” He then said.

Tails and I looked at each other again as I knelt down to him.

“He's right, Emily.” He said as he placed his hand on my cheek.

“I know. I'm much smarter than I was nearly four years ago.” I smiled, doing the same to him.

He smiled back. “I love you, Emily.”

“I love you too, Tails.” I replied.

We then leaned into a warm and passionate embrace.
Emily Boom: Chapter 73: FriendBot
Here ya go! I really liked this one since this episode reminded me so much of The Iron Giant.
Hope you enjoy, and I hope you have a happier Valentine's Day than me
Okay, here's the whole story. I was supposed to have an interview with the manager of a nearby McDonald's today at 5. But this morning, I forgot to bring my interview outfit to school, so they let me go early and go home by Pace bus to get them. But....As soon as I got home, I got a call from the McDonalds and was informed that my interview today was rescheduled for another day because the manager is sick. I made all these plans and backup plans, I worked super hard with pace bus schedules, did all this......And I feel I did it all for no reason. Ouch. And now, I honestly feel I could just cry....


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