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Diary of Emily Ann Lancman

    About three weeks passed since the whole D-Fekt and Ragnium thing. Today, things started off normally.

    I ended up waking up by myself. Tails wasn’t there, but I just figured he just stayed at Sonic’s for the night or was at the workshop. I got up like usual, and I came into the village.

    “Mornin’, Emily.” The village police officer said to me like usual in the marketplace.

    “Mornin’, sir. How’s life for ya?” I asked him as we walked in the marketplace on this Sunday morning.

    “The usual. Eggman’s been quiet lately.”

    “That usually means he’s probably coming up with some scheme to take care of me and the team. You know Eggman.”

    “Yeah, true. But you can take ‘im down.”

    “I know I can.” I smiled. “And if you don’t mind me askin’, what day is it? I forgot.”

    He took out his calendar book and looked at the date of that day.

    “It’s…..October 16.”

    “Thanks, sir. You have a good day.” I then proceeded.

    “You too, Emily.” He replied to me, and I now ended up walking by myself.

    “October 16…..why does that day ring unusual to me?” I honestly forgot its specialty. I then turned on my wrist communicator and opened my calendar I personalized. I checked October 16, 2016. It said Sonic and the others were out of town until today. Speaking of today, in gold writing, it said “Tails’ Birthday!!”

    “Aw crap!” I felt terrible. “It’s Tails’ birthday!!” I nearly screamed, getting the attention of everyone in the marketplace. “Wait wait! I can fix this! How could I possibly forget?! Dang it!” I then ran off.

    “I think she finally lost her little mind.” A man said.

    “We’re gonna need a new magic girl.” Perci then said.

    “I HEARD THAT!” I yelled.

    Later, I found myself back at the marketplace, with my composure completely regained. I had my usual satchel and everything. I came to Diane the Goat’s store.

    “Sorry I lost it back there.” I said as I came.

    “Oh, it’s quite alright, Emily.” She replied to me. “You’d be surprised how much that happens. You haven’t seen much of it yet.”

    “Could be cuz I’m too busy kicking Eggman’s butt.” I smiled.

    We both giggled.

    “So, what are you here for, dear Emily?” She then asked me like usual.

    “It’s Tails’ birthday, so I need to get a gift for him before he gets back here from the sidekicks’ seminar.” I replied.

    “Tell me what he likes.”

    “Well….I wrote this song recently that we like to sing over this song ‘Lullaby for Emily.’ I need your help to make it into a music box.” I replied to her, giving her a soundtrack of the song burned on a CD.

    “You’ve come to the right goat! I can customize this into one of our most beautiful music boxes yet. How does that sound? Oh, and it’ll be on the house.”

    “Really?” I had my wallet out already. “I was saving money for a good reason.”

    “I insist. You are among the team responsible for our very well being. I’ll be done in a few hours.”

    “That should be enough for me. Tails doesn’t get back till dusk.” I replied. I then left, leaving 5 dollars. “Keep the change anyway.”

    “Aw, thank you, sweetie!” Diane said as I ran out the door. “I’ll call you in four hours!”

    I soon came back into the marketplace, and the same people were still there.

    “Have you gotten that brain of yours examined?” Perci teased.

    “Real funny, Perci.” I pointed my finger at her.

    She giggled. “Lighten up, will ya?”

    “It’s cool, Perci.” I smiled, giggled. “I was just being a nutjob.”

    “When aren’t you a nutjob?” The man said, chuckling.

    “Okay, okay. I get it. Sorry about that by the way.” I told them.

    “It’s alright, Emily. You’d be surprised at how many people act like that on a daily basis.” The man said.

    “So I’ve heard….”

    I soon found myself at my house, and I was preparing a chocolate birthday cake with homemade vanilla icing, colored with yellow food dye. My hair was tied up in a ponytail, and I was mixing the cake batter.

    Knocks were then heard.

    “Come in!” I knew it wasn’t Tails. The door swung open, and it was Sticks entering the house.

    “Hey, Em!” Sticks said happily. “Just wanted to letcha know that Tails will be back in three hours.”

    “Already?!” I got a little worried. “His present won’t be ready in time….”

    “What present?”

    “A music box I’m ordering for him. I’m making a cake for him now.” I replied.

    “Can I see?” She asked.

    “Be careful or you owe me.” I replied as I went to the bathroom. “I need to pee real quick.”

    Sticks took a look at the now readied chocolate cake batter. She looked at the box. It was Baker’s Best brand.

    “Wow….this stuff is expensive compared to the rest. Em’s really goin’ all out.” She said aloud as she looked at the electric mixer. The metal mixers shined with the sunlight, catching Sticks’ attention.

    “Shiny!” She squeaked, and she held the mixer in her hands, accidentally turning it on. Then, the mixers caught one of her ponytails, pulling hard. She yelled in pain, and she tried pulling it out, losing her footing. She ran into the fridge, getting my spaghetti sauce to fall out and break from the glass jar, as well as all my alfredo sauce to spill. She then bumped into the counter, spilling all my cake batter.

    I heard the crashing noises. “Sticks?!” I came out of the bathroom as I finished washing my hands. When I came out, I saw Sticks on the floor, getting the mixers out, but they were covered in hair. Cake mix, alfredo sauce, and red sauce were all over the place.

    “UGH! Seriously?!”

    “Sorry, Em! I got attracted to the shinies! It’s a blessing and a curse!” She cried out dramatically.

    I facepalmed. “If only I never forgot Tails’ birthday, I wouldn’t be in this mess….Alright, Sticks. You can get yourself cleaned up.”

    “I’ll do it at my place….sorry.” She stood up and put the mixers in my sink.

    I then walked to her and then head slapped her on the back of the head. Just like Gibbs from NCIS.

    “Ow! What was that for?!” Sticks yelped.

    “Wasting my money and good cake mix. Now you owe me.” I took my apron off.

    “I’ll be off now.” Sticks then ran off in a cartoony manner.

    I then really realized the mess made all over my kitchen floor. “I just had this mopped yesterday!”

    I soon found myself mopping the floor manually as I was on the phone.

    “Yeah, I would like to order a chocolate cake within the next 2 hours.” Replies. “Just yellow icing, with blue lettering saying ‘Happy Birthday Tails.’” Replies. “That’ll be it. I’ll pay at the door.” Replies. “Why I’m not making one myself? I just had a huge mishap, and let’s just say a buddy owes me now.” Replies. “Thank you for understanding. Have a good day.” I then hung up, mopping still. “Oh boy….”

    Eggman was at the cake shop, waiting for his order. “Hey, baker! When’s my cake coming?! I’ve been waiting since this morning!” He was impatient.

    “Sorry, sir.” Leeroy the Turtle replied. “Your cake order has been placed to a different customer.”

    “What?! Why?!”

    “Emily called and said it was urgent.”

    “I’ve been waiting longer than her!” Eggman slammed his fists on the countertop.

    “Hero customers take priority.” Leeroy said as he packaged the cake and passed it to another employee. “I will have your cake ready in three hours.”

    “Three more hours?! You’ve gotta be kidding me?!”

    “You’re a villain. Here, hero customers come first. Why are you complicating this, sir? It’s a very simple policy.”

    Eggman growled and then stomped out.

    I got out of the shower a while later. “Ah, that’s much better. Much much better.”

    My phone then began to ring. I went and answered it. “Hello?”

    “Miss Lancman, ma’am?” It was the cake shop.

    “That’s me. What’s up?”

    “This is the Cake Shop. Your order’s ready.”

    “Really? That was fast. I’ll be on my way if you want.” I said.

    “That would make it easier, thank you.”

    “Then I’m on my way.” I hung up and exited the house, turning off the lights and closing the doors.

    Tails exited the convention center at the other side of the island, and he was on his communicator, dialing my number. He held a trophy in one arm. “Alright, Emily.”

    My communicator rang, and I answered it as I came into the cake shop. “Yeah?”

    “Hey, Emily.” It was Tails. “I just exited the seminar. I won the first prize.”

    “Really? That’s totally awesome! I’m getting things ready for when you come home.” I smiled as the employee gave me the cake.

    “Can’t wait, big sister. Hopefully you didn’t forget today’s important agenda.”

    “Don’t worry. I’ve got everything taken care of.” I exited the shop. “How long till you come back?”

    “Within 15 minutes.” He replied. “If not faster.”

    “Great. That’ll give me enough time to get things finished.” I replied. “See you then. Love you, little--!”

    Suddenly, lasers, colored red, fired around me, making me jump around and dodge. I looked up.

    “There you are, cake thief!” Eggman said angrily, in his EggMobile. “I’ve been waiting all day long!”

    “Emily, what’s going on?!” Tails heard the noises.

    “Dude, calm down.” I said to Eggman. “I didn’t know you were ordering the same cake.”

    “Lies! All lies!” Eggman then fired more lasers, making me drop the cake. It landed safely on the ground as robots surrounded me.

    “All this over a chocolate cake?!” I freaked out, in all honesty.

    “If I can’t have that delicious chocolate cake, nobody will!” Eggman fired lasers at the cake.

    “Emily? Are you okay?” Tails asked me.

    “Oh no you don’t!” My hands glowed gold, and I protected the cake from the lasers. “You know how much money I spent on that cake?!”

    “Prepare to be enlightened on my part!” Eggman then fired more lasers, striking me. My hands stopped glowing.

    “Ow…” I knew I was pretty badly hurt.

    “I say I’ve improved with these evil lasers.” Eggman smiled. “That was wise on my part.”

    “Emily?! EMILY?!” Tails got worried and then rushed into the plane. He then took off in a huge hurry.

    “Impressed, Emily?” Eggman said as I slowly got back up to my feet.

    “Not really, Eggman. I’ve seen you do worse, and I was only 10 at the time.” I said as my hand was on my cut side, healing the wound. “You really doing this just over a cake? Why not just go home and bake one yourself?”

    “Why don’t I just flush my money down the toilet while I’m at it?! That stuff never satisfies me.” Eggman talked back.

    “I’ll give you props for that, but there’s no need to attack me over a cake from the cake shop.” I tried talking sense. “This is a stupid way to waste robot parts, dude.”

    “Says you!”

    “I have magic, not robots.” My hands glowed again. I got into my fighting stance.

    “Robots, ATTACK!” Eggman then ordered.

    The robots were then about to fire lasers, but then, blue lasers fired from the sky, shooting them down.

    “Hey! Who fired lasers?!” Eggman looked up.

    I did the same. I saw Tails flying in his plane, firing lasers at the robots.

    “No one hurts my sister!” He said angrily. He then stationed his plane back to the workshop and then jumped off. He landed right behind me.

    “That was quick.” I said, backing right to him.

    “Especially for me. And I know a thing about quick.” Tails did the same for me. “You alright?”

    “Better now that you’re here.” I smiled. I then held his hand. He did the same. In reaction, a gold light shined brightly, and it caused a magic wave, knocking the rest of the robots down and then the EggMobile flying back to Eggman’s lair.

    Tails and I then exchanged a high five.

    “That was awesome!” Tails said happily.

    “It has since I shared these powers with you.”

    “I remember that. Are you okay physically, Emily?”

    “I’m alright. Just took a bit of a beating.” I then walked to where the cake was, and I opened the box. It was in perfect condition. “And Tails?”

    “Yeah?” He came to me.

    I then knelt down and showed him the cake. “Sorry it’s late, but Happy Birthday.” I smiled.

    “Awww, thanks! PLEASE tell me this is chocolate.”

    “It is.” I winked. “I’m sorry I honestly forgot until this morning. I did the best I could, but I ended up getting in constant mishaps, with Sticks wrecking the whole kitchen my accident, and me having to clean it up, and me not getting you a good present, and then--!”

    “Hey….” Tails said sweetly, putting his hands on my shoulders. “Nothing to be sorry about. I understand. I honestly forgot until last night that today’s my birthday. I’ve been far too busy at that stupid seminar….”

    I then used my magic to teleport the cake to our house. “Thank you for understanding.”

    “Hey, I know you’d never hurt me. At least...not on total purpose.” He giggled a little.

    I giggled too. My communicator then rang. “Hello?” I answered.

    “This is Daine. Your gift is ready. I already have it wrapped and everything.” Diane said as she was on the phone.

    “Really? That’s totally awesome. I’ll be there in a few minutes.” I hung up. “Tails, you go to the beach. I’ll meet you there in a few minutes. I have a surprise for you.” I winked.

    “Okay. If you say so.” Tails smiled, and he then ran off to the beach.

    A short time skip later, the October sun was setting at the beach as Tails sat there alone, in the shallow waters (only up to his waist in sitting position), spacing out into one of Mother Nature’s greatest paintings.

    “Wow….I forgot how beautiful this all is.” He said to himself.

    I came with a small box in my hands. “Tell me about it.”

    That caught Tails off guard, and he turned to see me. “Oh, Emily! You scared me.” He giggled.

    “Finally, and not in the bad way.” I said as I came and sat next to him. The water felt cold but refreshing.

    “What’s that you got?” Tails asked me.

    I gave the box to him. “Open it, and you’ll find out.”

    He took hold of it, and he then unwrapped it, removing the ribbon and taking the lid off. He saw a gold music box inside, with a cursive carving saying Tails.

    “Wh-What is this?” He seemed more surprised.

    “It’s a music box, silly. Open it, and you can hear the song.” I told him, giggling. “You silly.”

    He took the music box out and then opened it. Music then began to play. It was Lullaby for Emily, a song we had heard and loved not too long ago. We made up our own lyrics to the song when we first heard it.

    As the music box continued to play, I then began to sing.

Whenever I’m with you, I feel happy, loved, and wonderful when I’m with you

When you’re with me, I feel safe, loved, overjoyed, and secure

When you’re with me, I feel life is worthwhile

Whenever you’re down, I do my very best to cheer you up

When you cry, I do my very best to wipe your tears

When you get mad, I help brighten you up

Whenever you feel lonely, I come for you

Whenever you’re sick, I take care of you

Whenever you’re scared, I hold you close

Whenever you’re hurt, I come and heal you

When people try to hurt you, I protect you at all costs

Whenever you’re blue, I help kick the gray clouds away

You are the strongest person I ever met

You’re the greatest friend I’ve ever met

You’re the greatest inspiration I’ve ever seen

I know you say I’m the best sister to ask for

You’re the best thing to ever happen to me

And in the end….

In the end….

We still have each other

And….we always will….The very reason

Is the love that we share

The only reason….I’m still alive….is YOU

And I will always be by your side

And I trust you to be by mine

And our bond between us….

The magical bond….

Will continue to grow even stronger





And ever….

    Tails listened to it all, silenced from shock, and tears began to build in his eyes. I finished singing as the song started over.

    “It’s on an endless loop as long as it’s open.” I said to him. “What do you think?”

    “I-I love it, Emily!” He cried. “Thank you!” He looked up at me.

    “Tails….you’re crying. Did I make you upset?” I got concerned.

    “Our song….” He whimpered as he kept his smile. “You did all this for me?”

    “I did my best. Are you sure you love this?”

    “What do these tears tell you?! I’m so overjoyed, you silly!” He leaned into me and hugged me.

    I was shocked at first, but I then smiled. I hugged him back closely. “Okay, I believe you…..I’m glad this paid off.”

    “All I really need, though….is to just be with you and those I love….especially you.” He then placed his hand on my cheek, causing tears to build up in my own eyes. Tears streamed down Tails’ face.

    “R-Really?” I looked into his eyes.

    He nodded. “I’d never joke about things like this, big sister….” He sniffed. “I-I love you….”

    I smiled warmly, and I placed my bad right hand on his cheek. I felt cold tears stream down my own face. “I love you too, Tails….”

    We then leaned into a warm hug as Tails dropped the music box. We kept hugging and hugging each other closely, as if we hadn’t seen each other in years.

    Next thing I knew we were taken underwater, still in a warm hug. The water seemed orange thanks to the sunset. The hug remained warm, unlike the waters themselves.

    We then parted just enough to look at each other. Our eyes, green and blue, glittered as we shared a warm and loving smile. I then placed my bad right hand over Tails’ heart. My hand started glowing gold. Tails’ hand then started glowing gold as he placed it over my own heart. My other hand held his over my heart. Tails’ hand held my hand over his heart. Gold aura then spread over both of us, enabling us both to breathe.

    Tails breathed a little heavily but not abnormally. “Thank you, Emily, for such a magical birthday…” He said softly and lovingly.

    “You’re welcome.” I then kissed his cheeks. “I only wish I could do more, for all you’ve given me throughout the years.”

    “You’ve given me a lot, Emily. Confidence, love, protection, a reason to keep going, hope, and most importantly, my life. Ever since London, you’ve given me that plus more.” He said to me as he then placed his hand on my cheek. His hand felt warm to the touch.

    “I try.”

    “And you always succeed. No questions asked.” He came to a whisper as he inched closer, making our foreheads gently collide.

    I closed my eyes in reaction. “I love you so much, Tails… dearest brother.” I whispered.

    “I love you too, Emily….my lovely and dearest big sister….” He whispered back as he then wrapped his arms around me. I did the same to him.

    I then began to sing our song, hearing the tune in my head. Tails caught on and then started singing with me as we swam underwater together. We harmonized together, singing and swimming, two of our favorite things in the world, as long as we had each other.
Emily Boom: Chapter 56: Happy Birthday Tails!!
This is a Tails birthday special that I got out late. Happy belated birthday Tails!
Emily and Amy Boom: Working Together by tailsthefoxlover715
Emily and Amy Boom: Working Together
Hope you like this one. I tried to make it look like Amy has her hammer
I've been on Smule piano lately, and while I'm trying to put some time into my writing, I wanna make some music with Smule piano too. I just need help coming up with song names. Can you guys help me out?

Oh, and I almost forgot, prayers for Racefan2464, one of my good buddies. A lot of fires have been occurring in his area, so I'm now hoping my new music helps calm him and many others, including you guys, down.……


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I was diagnosed with autism when I was 18 months old, but despite that, I'm in high school, and I hardly need special education anymore. I dream of being a writer of scripts or story lines in Sonic video games and TV shows in SEGA of America.

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